The Art of the Title: Cheers

I started watching the shows Cheers from the pilot for research on bar culture. I immediately got very excited while watching the opening credits. Thinking how fun it would be to put phones in the old-timey photos. The pilot introduces viewers to the local fictional pub set in Beacon Hill in Boston, MA. The local … More The Art of the Title: Cheers

Monica Lewinsky unveils powerful PSA about a ‘silent epidemic’

I really loved and appreciated Monica Lewinsky’s segment on the Today Show this morning. Her new PSA for cyberbullying is sure to shock some American’s. The best part about the new ad is its interactive feature! Anyone who enters their phone number will then be sent a link to see the video in an entirely … More Monica Lewinsky unveils powerful PSA about a ‘silent epidemic’

An Ode to Airplane Mode

I think this is lovely and simple. A wonderful way to stay mindful in the fast-paced attention economy world. Links to the app and work below: Flight Simulator by Laurel Schwulst Flight Simulator is a collaboration between Laurel Schwulst and Soft.