Web Therapy

Web Therapy the 2008 Showtime series starring Lisa Kudrow and Victor Garber (one of the hardest working man in television) has now come to life. I always got a kick out of the show when I watched it when it came out but now I am living it. It has a number of great cameo appearances and the word “modality” is forever in my head.

Each time I log into my HIPPA compliant web therapy portal, I secretly wish I was going to meet with Kudrow for a change of pace. I do find humor and lightness out of the the countless disconnections and reconnections that have occurred in mid-thought, having epiphany moment and processing past traumas. Is our dumbo POTUS lowering the bandwidth on public health and wellness?

The New Yorker had a great article. Reporting from the epicenter of the pandemic and total neurosis capital NYC. If you don’t have a therapist in New York, you’re the weirdo!

Here is the link to the article titled: The New Theatrics of Remote Therapy: How does treatment change when your patients are on a screen? W

Written by Adam Gopnik, May 25th 2020.

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