The Art of the Title: Cheers

I started watching the shows Cheers from the pilot for research on bar culture. I immediately got very excited while watching the opening credits. Thinking how fun it would be to put phones in the old-timey photos.

The pilot introduces viewers to the local fictional pub set in Beacon Hill in Boston, MA. The local characters welcome a stranger. Most scenes center around conversations at the bar, overheard or unsolicited. The phone is a character of the bar in many ways. It is the connection to the outside world, shared communally. The first scene shows a man walking into the bar to ask if he can use the phone. His lover waits alone in the bar, with no cell phone to dissociate with. Just herself and the bartender.

Calamity ensues.

The last scene of the pilot has a great comment on society.

See the script below.

diane final scene

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