Tikkun Olam: Repair the World

I was inspired to self reflect more on my being and my core values. Many many many many thanks to mom and dad for giving me great educational experiences. I went to a VERY small Jewish Day School in Marblehead, MA from kindergarten to 8th grade. I was only exposed to about 22 total kids in my combine age group, split into two small classes for 9 years.

Jewish values Like Hillel’s golden rule of “doing onto others as you wish them to do onto you.” Spreading Tzedakah. Community service and giving. Ask why, always ask why. Ask questions. Be curious. Don’t be afraid to be different – you are a Jew after all.

Something I want to reflect on more and spread NOW is Tikkun Olam. It means to repair the world.

I find this ironic. As I wanted to quickly look up the spelling. This is my humor. Jews love weed. We are far to neurotic and anxious not to love it.


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