Emergency Dance Party

I took a day off from work yesterday to go to a doctors appointment with my dad. After a long day of being frustrated with how America takes care of their elders and the wackness of Medicare and the every growing problem of PCPs not having enough time for everything a patient comes in for, I needed a pick me up.

Becca and I have Emergency Dance Parties. They sometimes come after a long week, or just listening to our favorite beats. I was listening to my mix I made for my cohort last term while working on my thesis before my video chat with Joe Quackenbush. I was in the groove with my work towards the end of the end of the mix is where I really want people to start bobbing their head – well I got off the couch and danced on my own!

After 1.5 songs played, (Wolves – Digitalism and Robert DeLong – Global Concepts) I was ready to chat with Joe and my frame of mind was drastically re-adjusted into a positive, energetic headspace.

Please enjoy my edit of my personal emergency dance party below.

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