4:33 Sound of Silence | IRL

I collected samples this weekend of 4:33 inspired by John Cage. These bits are fun to explore and get a little look inside my life by what things sound like around me.

Friday, February 1st | 7:00 PM | At Home

Saturday, February 2nd |  9:30 PM | Watching Big Brother

Sunday, February 3rd |  10:45 AM  |  Watching Meet the Press

Sunday, February 3rd |  sometime durning the Super Bowl |  Watching The Super Bowl

Sunday, February 3rd |  sometime after 10:00 PM |  In Bed After The Super Bowl

Monday, February 4th |  7:55 AM |  Morning in Bed 

Monday, February 4th |  8:46 AM |  Walking on the train platform at Broadway Station on the Red Line

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