sorry I know I have been slacking this week

My project for You Are Here took another turn. Not completely sure where my internal compass is pointing but I am enjoying the trial and error process of it all.

here are some new comps I have made to try to incorporate data or the photos into play.

this PDF here shows how I organized a small part of my photos from my Instagram download into a grid based on type of shoe and color. On the second page of the PDF I colorized the groupings with an overlay of the colors.

Pages 3-4 shows how I organized the same batch of photos but my location of where my feet were. The three main categories were PLAY (squash courts or gym floors) PLAY OUTSIDE (where I was when I was outside, not on the squash court) and lastly INDOORS (indoors, not having to do with squash).

The shoes shown in these categories are only athletic types and only Asics, Nike or Vans.


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